Sunday, June 17, 2012


this year is my last year as a student.
i have grown up.
i will became a man after this.
no more time to play,
no more junior to bully,
and maybe no more friends like i use to have.
everyday i try to appreciate the time that i have with all the person around me.
because if i don't maybe i won't have chance anymore.
i love my friends and brothers.
all of u have make me smile when i cry,
and cry when i smile.

beside my friends. i have one person that i love the most.
i love her more then i can say,
i love her more than i can prove.
i love her more than she can see.
i have tell her a lot of things,
but i still have many things to let her knows.
my feeling,
i just don't know how to tell her,
maybe i look happy infront of everyone,
but my heart i sad.
i afraid to leave u.
i afraid because i know without u i'm weak.
all this time i stand up strong all because of u.
u are my energy, u are my spirit.
i hope u always there with me.
like i always there for u.