Sunday, January 13, 2013

It's My Life

it is so sad that she never change.
haha. maybe she haven't learn anything yet.
she still don't know why i'm leaving,
she still can't find her mistake.
i wont tell her anything.
i want her to learn.
it is no my duty to tell her what she did wrong to me.
she have another guy now.
i just hope she can take care of that guy.
please don't treat her like u treat me.
it is not fair if u always make the same mistake.
i waiting for her message.
not that i want her back.
i only care for her.
i hate her, but i have forgive her.
not that i hate her now, it just i dont want to see her.

i have my own life now.
my life without her.
it is good to be single.
but it is bad cuz no one to talk with.
i dont care cuz now i got LCK to talk with.
she is a nice person, happy to know her even thought she's not mine,
but she always stays in my heart.

all my brothers separated but still got some that still with me.
i got new brother.
nice to be with them,
and i learn new things with them.

now i just hope 1 thing.
me and all people that i care will be happy.