Thursday, May 2, 2013

i love her.

we know each other for almost 2 month now.
we did so many things together.
we eat together,
we talk to each other,
we laugh together,
we cry together,
we watch movie,
we go jogging,
we take photo together,
many more things we do together. 

i love her so much,
i miss her so much,
i need her so much,
and i hope,
she love me so much,
she miss me so much,
she need me so much.

i'm sorry cuz i make you love me,
and now,
this maybe hard for you.
and maybe you have started to hate me.
now you know what kind of person i'm.
i not perfect, i'm idiot, i don't how to make you happy,
i'm sorry because of me, you become like this.
i don't know what to do.

maybe if i'm gone you will be happy,
maybe if i'm disappear you won't be sad anymore. 

i love you, and always gonna love you.